Thursday, August 11, 2011

Riding Gunnar.....

He's norwegian :P

Easy, pervs.  This is Gunnar. 

I just spent the better part of 3 hours mowing the lawn.  It would have taken less time had I not stopped every 4 feet to scoop up a baby toad, and save him from certain death.  I don't need that kinda bad juju.  It's times like these; sunlight on my skin....breeze rustling through the soybean fields (Gunnar between my legs ....heh  :P) that I thank the universe for steering me here, and out of the city.  Suburbs, really, but it's splitting hairs.  I've never fit there.  Not enough connection to nature or my fragile grasp on what's fueling my own soul. 

Definitely, too many people all up in my grill...

"No, honey -  I really don't wanna hear about your feud with the neighbor 3 doors down, or see your latest weeping fairy tattoo.  So... kindly take your  camel-toe and your little mouth-breathing spawn off my front porch."

I guess that makes me a bad person.  ; )

Anyway...what the hell am I even talking about?  I have a couple new soaps to share. The first one is made with cinnamon leaf, madgascar clove, and sweet orange essential oils.  It also has oatmeal and rhassoul clay in there for good measure.  Just natural, good stuff.

Nextly, (new word and I'm using it), I have a dupe of LUSH's "Supernova".  I went a little color spastic, no?  It's girly and fun though.  :)

More to come soon.  I'm waiting on some fragrance oils for Halloween and Fall, so look for new stuff soon.  I'm bored with the fragrances I have and should do some blending, maybe.  Hmmm.

Well...time to pull the stuffed peppers out of the oven, and hose Gunnar off until next time.  Hope ya'll are enjoying the day.  I am. :)


  1. you just totally made me shoot sprite out of my nose!...freaking hilarious!...that soap will be mine!...and i'm pretty sure the fall ones will be too!...

  2. You are too funny Lori! You're living my dream out there in the country. Beautiful soaps as always!

  3. Hi Lori,

    These are great looking soaps. Good choices for autumn soaps!

  4. You just made my morning... so damn funny! I'd give anything to ride Gunnar too!! Freaking lovely soaps too... that pink is to DIE for!!!

  5. I'm blown away by how even you can cut your soap by eyeballing it.