Friday, March 25, 2011

Where'd all these ants come from?

So, who's ready for summer?  I am BEYOND ready.  So much so, that I've been working on a new installment of my soap "trios".  This being the summer edition.  BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!

One of the very first ideas that came to mind was watermelon.  Fresh, juicy watermelon on a breezy summer day.  What the heck is better than that?! 

I could've done a nice slab swirl or something, but I really want to try to do something extra special for this one, and maybe even replicate an actual piece of watermelon for this soap.  As we CP soapers know - you can do this all day long with M&P soap, but cold process requires a bit more planning and technique.  No disrespect to M&P soapers...I love all of those too!

So, the first challenge was seeds.  My first inclination was to chop up some soap bits & sprinkle them into a fresh batch, but I wanted to ensure that every single slice had a good, even amount of "seeds" in it, so I 86'd that idea.  Then, I decided on piped strips of soap made with activated charcoal, the entire length of the log mold. 


I poured a layer of titanium dioxide enhanced soap at the very bottom of the mold for the "rind", and the rest is watermelon colored mica with the piped "seed" strips.  I decided to brush on green mica to mimick the look of a mottled, green/white rind after cutting. 

Some lessons were learned with this first try, and when I make this again I know what I'd change.  I poured the first layer far to thinly and it didn't set up quite enough before I poured the second layer, completely killing any plan I had for a straight line, and I didn't end up liking the brushed mica idea.  It ended up being more of an arty suggestion of watermelon in the end, which I like anyway.  :)  But oh the plans for the redo! :)

Thanks for reading!  The Summer Trio goes on sale in May!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Synthetics shmynthetics...

I've been getting a lot more requests lately for soap with no colorants or synthetic fragrance oils.  So many people have sensitivites to these ingredients, that they search out soapmakers that will step away from the glitter and cupcakes for a second, and just make soap simply, and naturally.  I seem to soap in tangents.  One month, it's crazy FOs and colorants all over the place, and the next month I get on an essential oil kick.  Anyway - for soapmakers the natural stuff can be kinda boring, at times.  No hoopla, no crazy techniques - so....I thought I'd kick it up a notch by soaping in a funnel with natural colors.  Sure they won't be in-yo-face vibrant, but what the hizzy....I thought I'd give it a shot.   Come watch me make some frankinscense & myrrh soap....that is, if you can see in my crappy lighting and stand the new age Yanni track in the  I'm new at the video thing.  I'm working on it..  ;o)


UPDATE!:  Pix added:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For Soapmakers and Appreciators!

I just wanted to blog about, and say thank you to a new Etsy shop called Miss Ravae's Creation Station, run by my friend Mia and her daughter.  Mia has been a customer of mine and she and her daughter, Alexis,  recently started selling really adorable mini soaps made from polymer clay.  You can get keychains, cell phone charms, necklaces and more.  You can imagine all the soapmakers went nuts over these.  They are based in North Carolina, and you really should check them out.

I just had to show off what Mia sent me today.  First of all, they came in the mail, lightning fast., and who doesn't love THAT?!  My items came in a cute amethyst organza bag with a pretty design on it, accompanied by a cute card in the shape of a coffee cup that reads: "Thanks a latte"  So cute...

The girls sent me the cutest keychain made with two soaps on it.  One is their "Fruit Punch" soap made with super cute layers and fluffy soapy top, and the other is their "Blueberry" soap which is a deep blue and white with a fluffy top.  Both have sparkly glitter too!  They also sent me an extra charm!  It's their "Raspberry Lemonade" soap, and all of them are just adorable.

I think their prices are $3.75 for one charm and $6.50 for 2, but you'll have to double check on their website.  So I just wanna give a big thank you to Mia & Alexis!  I just love these, you guys!  Thank you so much! 

Everybody, go check out their Etsy shop.  Alexis makes crocheted purses too!  You can find them at :
Miss Ravae's Creation Station

You guys rock!  Good luck with your shop, Mia & Alexis!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thinking INSIDE the box...

I've reworked my base recipe (yet again) and think I have found just the right balance between lather and skin conditioning qualities, finally.  Of course, if you ask me again in a month, I'll probably have redone it  Too much coconut, palm kernal, palm (the latter two, I dont use anyway), and the stripping goes up...too little, the lather fizzles.  Too high a superfat, soft soap - too low, not conditioning enough.  It's enough to drive a soapmaker to drink.  :)  For now, I'm very happy with my latest results and the ideas are banging around in my brain so much that I can't stop working on things.  Some work, some don't.  My trash can has seen many a prototype.  Trust.

The latest item I am so geeked to bring to my store, is a new range of soap gift packs I'm calling TRIOS.  As the name slaps you over the head with - they will be cute gift packs of three goat milk soaps, all featuring a theme.  I'm beginning with the seasons and running with it from there.  The possibilities are endless.  Just choosing suppliers and boxes was enough to make my eyeballs melt.  My initial gift pack is for (what else?) spring.  It's wishful soaping, ya'll.  If I never see another flake of snow, it'll be too soon.

The soaps included in this pack are sweet pea, spring rain, and grandma's lilacs.  Makes ya just wanna  spring open a parasol and kiss the easter bunny, doesn't it?  Just me?  Okay.

I've packaged and repackaged a hundred times but I'm happy with the final presentation.  These will be available in the store ( for $14.00 which is actually a deal because normally three soaps are $15, AND you receive it gift wrapped and ready to give to someone, or just give a little treat to yourself.  I've worked really hard on them and I hope everyone likes them.  The inside flap has a little graphic and quote because I'm a card-carrying word nerd.  :P  I'd love to hear your feedback.

Even more new gift packs and ranges coming very soon!  Stay tuned! ;o)