Monday, August 29, 2011

Poison Pumpkin...

I have a very limited amount available of the popular "Pumpkin Spice" scented soap, I've been asked about.  I found some stash and was able to make a few bars.  This year, I'm calling it "Poison Pumpkin" for the Halloween season.  I will be getting more of this scent in, and will, most likely, be making more of a variation of this, because it sells out so fast.  These may be the only few of this design. 

Think pumpkin pie, warm white spices and maple syrup! 

If you'd like some of these, please send me a message and I'll create a custom listing for you, in advance.

Sure is spooky around here!  :P

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Have you ever loved someone's talent so much you can't not share it with people?!  I have to show you guys some things.  I'm so excited I'm about to pee on myself.  :)

So, Carrie has bought soap and goodies from me in the past, and we've gotten to know each other, and we message back and forth etc.  Because there's no shame in my game, I begged her to craft for soap.  I whored my soap out for goodies and I am unashamed.   She writes a crafting blog (link below) and one day she made these INCREDIBLY cute coasters out of glass tiles she found: 

Can you even stand it?!  How freakin' cute are those?!  So I slobbered and begged, and she agreed to my shifty deal.  LOVE her.

My box arrived today!!!  Squeeee!

Not only did she make these for me, but she even asked me if I wanted a certain color and design too!  Wow!  I adore the li'l bird, but since I live out in the country I told her some other ideas I would love too.  Now, she's even customizing for me.  Awesome :)

I should mention here too, that Carrie should quit her job immediately, and live out her dream to be a greeting card designer, because they are truly original and fun.  Who wouldn't love these?

She makes these herself.  Look how detailed they are!  Right down to the little "buttons" on the overalls straps.  So cute!

So, I opened my box and the first thing I see is an adorable mini magnet board.  Awww!  She sent me extra goodies!!!  How flippin' crafty & cute is this?!

It has these two cute, glass, bird magnets on it (which I'm sure she fashioned from the prosthetic eyeballs of some corpse or something - she's THAT good) and a coordinating metal board with a really sweet Ward Cleaver that.  I love it so much, in fact, I hung it in a place of honor, on one of my bulletin boards over my desk.  :)

She also sent me the cutest little upcycled note pads that she makes from paintchips, in really cute primary colors.  Now how many times have you tossed these away?!  What a great idea!

As if that weren't enough, as it is, she also sent me this adorable zipper pin and wine cork keychain!

Again - all made by her...

I must be special :)

So now, for the pièce de résistance, look at the beautiful coasters she made for me.  They are absolutely stunning and perfect.  She etched this awesome tree in the center of these gorgeous, watery green, glass tiles and added cork to the backs.  A set of four.  I am in love with them.

I wish you guys could see these in person.  It's about to storm here so the lighting is really bad and not doing them the justice they deserve.  I cannot tell you how great these are.

Thank you so much Carrie - I'm giddy.  :)  You guys really need to check out Carrie's blog.  She's got the cutest ideas.  I have so much respect for this, because if I was dangling from a 60 story building and my only chance for survival was to use a cricut machine and some hot glue, you'd all be scraping me off the sidewalk with a spatula.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Soaps!

Let's talk about some of the new soaps I have coming out for the Halloween/Fall season.  :)  I am officially ready to gag over all the cinnamon-y, pumpkin-y smells around here! 


They smell good, but I need some fresh air after days of it.  Can you die from nutmeg?

So let's guys have seen the apple ones, right?  So I won't post those again.  I did a couple yesterday that I can show you.  This one is a "Witches Brew" blend that I goosed with some fresh squeezed oranges, ripened peaches and spiced cranberries.  The Witches Brew notes are cinnamon, cedarwood and patchouli.  Overall, I'd say it's a little like woods and berries:

As you can see, there are a coupla versions of it...

Another one coming soon is a really yummy scent based on "Leaves" by Bath & Body Works.  It’s a combination of fresh apples and juicy oranges blended with spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.  It's fall in a soap!  I'm calling it "Haunted Hayride".

The best smelling one yet, is my Pumpkin Spice soap that sold like hotcakes, last year.  It's a blend of pumpkin, maple syrup and white spices.  It's sooooo good.  It's in the mold now and I'm not sure the skeletons are gonna make it.  We'll see....  I might decide to surgically remove them.  A bone-ectomy, if you will.  Stay tuned for that...

I also have another soap coming soon, which is still turning dark on the bottom right now.  It should eventually get more brown.  It's sort of a vanilla butterscotch scent:

I'm not sure which are making the Autumn Trio, but expect a nice gift set for fall.  If you see anything ya like, let me know!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Today is August 15th.  My father passed away from lung cancer, on this day in 2003.  In some ways it doesn't seem possible that so much time has passed, and in others, it seems like that was another lifetime.  Veiled now, by memory and time.

Let me tell you a little bit about him.  Dad was a quiet guy, mostly.  Not overly talkative or expressive, for the most part.  Six foot two and handsome.  As if Robert Mitchum and Elvis conceived a child. He gave amazing hugs, provided unwaiveringly for his family, and was devoted to my mother; his sweetheart since they were eight years old.  Wouldn't anyone want that kind of love story?   I love that about them.

Dad was a draftsman.  First working for Studebaker in Indiana, and then Chrysler here in Michigan, until his retirement.  He drew blueprints and designed cars.  He had that crazy awesome, precision handwriting they learn to do.  I have papers I saved, that were his....just because they have his handwriting on them.  My favorite possession I have of his, is his hairbrush.  I asked my mother for it when he died.  Nobody really knows this, but even all these years later, I take it out of the box sometimes, and touch the aged gray hairs, still entangled...still here on this earth, when the rest of him is less tangible now... and smell the bristles because it takes me back to him. 
It still smells like him.

Dad called me "Bum" when I was little.  Every evening, when he came home from work, I'd run to him and he'd lift me up into his strong arms, kiss me on the cheek and say "Hi Bum".  It was always the best part of my day. 

Dad wore big, heavy, black wingtips and never tied the laces.  He had rough elbows and the whitest legs you have ever seen.  He had smiling blue eyes, and made "cases" for practically everything that he felt needed one, by folding cardboard or heavy paper into boxes sealed with masking tape.  Rulers, magnifying glasses.  Always better in a handmade case.  If you wanted to drive him crazy, fold a map incorrectly, or unplug the lamp by his chair to use your blowdryer - and then forget to plug it back in.  When he was angry with any of us girls, he called us "Sis".  We knew we were in big trouble then.

Dad loved nature and quiet, simple things.  I get that from him.  He also loved babies and puppies. 

And Star Trek.

He loved us.
  These are the things I know.

There are also so many things I didn't know.  I can't say that my father and I were close, in the way that most people would define it.  Heart to heart talks were not in his nature, and I sometimes found a deeper connection difficult, for reasons borne entirely of my own shortcomings.  Today, I'm thinking about those things I do sometimes.  What would I ask him today, if given the chance?  Maybe some of these things:

 What made you fall in love with mom?  Was there a moment you knew she was the one?

What were your horses names and who was your favorite?

Do you have any regrets?

 What did you like about me in ways that were differen't from my sisters?

Were you ever sorry I came along so late in life?

Who ever taught you to eat onions whole, like an apple?  Gross.

Did you feel differen't from other kids because your mom was blind?  Did it ever make you feel extra protective of her?

What was your favorite color?  Or book?

Why have I never heard you sing?

Were you scared when you knew you were going to die?  Because I was.  I was terrified. 
And never told you. 
I never told you a lot of things.  I shut down.  My mind wouldn't let me go to that place and I ran.  I'm sorry I didn't call you more.

I told you later, at your grave... and I knew you heard me.  And understood.

Today is August 15th and I will never forget the blur of that hot day eight years ago.  You, in and out of conciousness, but coherent enough to tell me you liked my kisses on your forehead.  The palpable abject fear in the room, knowing that all of our lives were about to change forever.  Each of us grasping for something to steady us.  Mostly each other.  Mom trying desperately to hide from all of us, that she wasn't sure she'd survive without you.  We weren't sure either.  The moment your heart stopped while I held your beautiful hand. 
I'm glad it was me.

I miss you today. 
And, every day, I love you...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

No bones about it...

My dog needs rehab.  I've been trying to deny it.  The shame....the constant questioning of myself... "where did I go wrong?"....the whispering and judgement behind our backs.  He was such a quiet, well mannered boy, too. 

Yes, Jack is on the crack.  It started innocently enough.  A rawhide here and there, to keep him busied when I don't have the time to cover him with smooches, or scratch his belly while we watched The Real Housewives together. Nothing fancy, just the plain ol' common ones with a knot at each end.  He'd prop it between his paws, grin happily and gnaw.  Things were good then...  Things were....simpler.

Then it happened.

I was in Sam's Club when I saw them.  Luring me into their evil clutches, I walked toward the shelf, without fear or trepidation.  When there, between the Morningsong Backyard Birdseed and the treats shaped like little t-bone steaks - was a plastic package filled with a new kind of bones for dogs.  A kind I hadn't seen before.  Had I known then, what I know now, I would have run, shrieking, from the aisle to warn everyone.  "NO!  DON'T EVEN LOOK AT THEM!" but it already had me in it's crosshairs...

I am here to warn you all now about the dangers of these satanic puppy treats.  All it took was one.  Just one

See how happy and unbalanced that dog looks on the package?  Eyes like little slits, dreamy smile, about to fall backwards?  That's because he's HIGH, people.  Cracked out of his GOURD!  If you listen quietly, you can almost hear Dave Matthews Band music seeping out of the heat sealed seams.  I dunno what's in these things (meth?) but now he's got a 3 bone a day habit, and if you even think about denying him one before he hops up in bed for the night, he'll cut you.  I'm telling you people, he will SELL your silverware and lie to his own grandmama for a sniff.  When he wants one, no... needs one, he'll pace the floor, panting and whining, until you cannot take it anymore and he breaks you.  Crumbling your resolve - enabling his habit for one more day.


So, immersed in his addiction, I pray for strength, and Jeff Van Vonderen  (" I just see a whole lot of people who love you like crazy").  Looking forward to the day when we all have our lives back.  Damn you, busy rollhide.  Have you no conscience?

All that aside, let's talk new soap.  I've had some LUSH dupes collecting dust on my shelves for a while now.  Some, I've soaped with disasterous results, so I put them away for a bit.  Last night, I decided to soap "Yummy Yummy Yummy", which I'm told has been axed from LUSH's current line.  So, this might be fun for you if you're missing this scent from them, and you can get it for a much cheaper price, as well.  I'm calling it "Yummy Scrummy" just because I think we all need to use the word "scrummy" more often. ;o)

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get a chance to work on my new face masks and some seasonal soap.  Right after I check Jack into Promises...

Be well.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Riding Gunnar.....

He's norwegian :P

Easy, pervs.  This is Gunnar. 

I just spent the better part of 3 hours mowing the lawn.  It would have taken less time had I not stopped every 4 feet to scoop up a baby toad, and save him from certain death.  I don't need that kinda bad juju.  It's times like these; sunlight on my skin....breeze rustling through the soybean fields (Gunnar between my legs ....heh  :P) that I thank the universe for steering me here, and out of the city.  Suburbs, really, but it's splitting hairs.  I've never fit there.  Not enough connection to nature or my fragile grasp on what's fueling my own soul. 

Definitely, too many people all up in my grill...

"No, honey -  I really don't wanna hear about your feud with the neighbor 3 doors down, or see your latest weeping fairy tattoo.  So... kindly take your  camel-toe and your little mouth-breathing spawn off my front porch."

I guess that makes me a bad person.  ; )

Anyway...what the hell am I even talking about?  I have a couple new soaps to share. The first one is made with cinnamon leaf, madgascar clove, and sweet orange essential oils.  It also has oatmeal and rhassoul clay in there for good measure.  Just natural, good stuff.

Nextly, (new word and I'm using it), I have a dupe of LUSH's "Supernova".  I went a little color spastic, no?  It's girly and fun though.  :)

More to come soon.  I'm waiting on some fragrance oils for Halloween and Fall, so look for new stuff soon.  I'm bored with the fragrances I have and should do some blending, maybe.  Hmmm.

Well...time to pull the stuffed peppers out of the oven, and hose Gunnar off until next time.  Hope ya'll are enjoying the day.  I am. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Who's ready for a giveaway?

My friend and YouTuber extrodinaire, Ryan, approached me to donate some B&B treats for a giveaway on her channel.  Fun!  So, if you would like to take a shot at a chance to win some A Life Deliberate Soap Co. products, scoot over to Ryan's channel and show her some love.  :)

5 chances to win, so enter today!  :)