Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Run-In With A Dillhole....

It takes all kinds.  We all need a little crazy in our lives to keep the balance, but today I was introduced to a lovely young specimen, who dipped the whackadoo a little too far into the shallow end of the gene pool, this evening.

Backstory:  I sold a bar of soap to this person on Etsy who goes by the handle "strawberrynugget".  Sounds cute and cuddly doesn't it?   She purchased from me, one of my facial soaps which is formulated with carrots and honey and various yummy things for skin care for the face.  I visited my feedback page tonight and was shocked (shocked!) to find this charming statement waiting for me:

"I ordered carrots and honey facial soap. I received goat milk soap instead. Such careless packaging for only one item! Don't want to waste my time returning this and then getting the right purchase. It's not fair for me to have to do that."

As one can imagine, I was concerned and slightly (okay, more than slightly) annoyed to see this, especially since I know I didn't send the wrong item and she didn't even contact me to let me try to make her happy, if she wasn't satisfied.  It was just all WHAM!  "nasty nasty nasty".   Geez, lady.  Bully, much?    I instantly knew what was afoot here.  So...never one to mince words, I began the odyssey into SoapGate....

Me:  Why would you leave such a terrible comment on my feedback? I dont understand why you wouldnt contact me first and give me the opportunity to address whatever issues you may have had. I DID send you the Carrots & Honey soap, which also happens to be a goat milk soap and says as much right in the listing. I also see that you have left nasty feedback for several other sellers. Also? I just let all the other Etsy sellers I know what you're doing, and not to sell to you.
Not very nice.

Dillhole:  that's ok. I just escalated this to a claim. PayPal will make you refund me for wrong item sent. And I will let Etsy know you are trying to damage other people's reputation

Me: Thats ok by me too. I see your game. You're doing to this to several Etsy sellers to get free stuff and refunds. Pretty old and tired move, actually.....but you obviously need the money so...  Perhaps a better job....
File away.....I can make claims too, or you can remove it and we can try to work it out. 

Dillhole: No no. I am not a dishonest person at all. Honestly.

The money is not much at all. It's the principle of it.

SHAME ON YOU. You sent me the wrong item!

If you had let me send you the item back so that you can see that you DID SEND ME THE WRONG ITEM, then all would have been ok. But instead, you are harassing me in these emails which I will report. PayPal and Etsy keeps track of this. It's a no no. Shame on you

(At this point I am thinking to myself "Dang...even if I had made a mistake (which I didn't) she's awfully freaked out about it isn't she?  I think she needs a bran muffin and a Yanni CD....)

Me: I didnt send you the wrong item. If you really believe I did, please attach a photo....we'll work from there.

I've alerted Etsy. If you really have the wrong item, there should be no problem with sending me a photo, right?  :::nudge:: right?

Shame on YOU, sweetheart.  I know what's up here....

She sends me this:

CLEARLY, my soap.....CLEARLY the Carrots & Honey

Dillhole:  PIcture is sent above for Etsy and Pay pal to look at.
And I will not be taking back my negative feedback because of your HORRENDOUS customer service and personal attacks. YOU ARE HORRIBLE.

Now I'm horrible.  My mom prolly dresses me funny too.  Really, sister.....attempt decaf....

Me: Ummm yes...thanks for the turn the box to the side and read what it says.....

Dillhole (Still ranting)  PayPal will take care of this now. I will not stand for any more personal attacks.

Me:  That is clearly my carrots & honey soap, and you frothed at the mouth on me because you couldnt turn the box to the side and read it?   Are you kidding me, lady?  

Also, I am pretty well received for customer service and have many, many regulars. Have you seen my feedback?  Or did you not read that either?

Dillhole disappears into cyberspace....POOF.....never to be heard from again....

So the moral of the story, kids?  Ya might want to read ALL SIDES of the box.  :p

You can't write good shit like this.....  :)

Until my next post!