Sunday, May 29, 2011


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Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Small update...

I know that it's been far too long since my last blog entry.  To say that I have been busy is to say that Joplin, Missouri just recently had a little wind.  Lots of projects around the house to contend with and many new products and changes in the works for A Life Deliberate Soap Co.

First I'd like talk a little bit about a company most soapmakers are familiar with called Soap Hutch, with copius slobber and appreciation.  I recently made the decision to move up from my old handmade wood molds and freezer paper (that have served me well) and ordered one of their new Craftline Uber molds.  I've been operating my little business for about three years now and felt it was time to upgrade.  I just have to say that I could not be happier with this product and company.  The mold itself is handcrafted with quality that is just in a whole other league than other HDPE soap molds.  The proprietor, Rich Bartko, could not have been more communicative and accomodating and just does a fantastic job with his molds.  He really thought of everything with this line. No more lining, no leaks, no sticking, so easy to use and clean, he even makes a tool to help remove the side pieces from their base.  It can be configured to a divider mold, log molds, guest sized logs, small logs, mini blocks, big block slabs........I'm in heaven.  There are so many horror stories out there about other sellers that make molds that leak and warp.  It is an investment to purchase these molds, but it was worth every dime and I highly recommend Soap Hutch to anyone looking to add new equipment to their hobby or small soap business.

Now onto what's new!  Launched at the beginning of spring, I've introduced new soap gift packs called TRIOS.  Collections of three handmade goat milk soaps, boxed and beautiful for gifts or special splurges.  Normally our bars of soap are $5.00 apiece so it's really a deal to get three bars at $14.00 PLUS gift packaging!  Now that the end of spring is approaching (alledgedly), I'm debuting the (what else?) SUMMER TRIO!  Let's take a look:

Inside each heavy cardboard box you'll find three cells of additionally shrink wrapped and boxed goat milk soaps.  On the inside of the lid flap is a coordinating saying or quote with a cute graphic.  In the case of the SUMMER TRIO, you'll find an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini (hee) and a sweet saying about summer love. *cue sighs*  :)

This particular gift pack includes "Michigan Sweetgrass".  A really fresh, green scent that smells like lying in a field on a warm summer day.  I've created a "grassy" look to the bar, as well.

In the center cell of the gift pack is "Sand & Sun".  A dead on dupe of Yankee Candle's best selling scent by a similar name.  The beach, suntan lotion, ocean waves,'s all here in a bar swirled with blues, yellows, ivories and browns, reminiscent of a day lying on your favorite beach.

Lastly, the final soap in your gift pack will include a crazy good, and self explanitory soap called "Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream".  It's a blend I created on my own, and smells so much like the real thing you'll be looking for the drips running down your hand.  What's more "summer" than ice cream?

Here's hoping you all enjoy the gift packs.  There are many more in the works for upcoming holidays and events. Looking forward to feedback.

Thanks and have an awesome summer!  Until next post...