Thursday, August 25, 2011


Have you ever loved someone's talent so much you can't not share it with people?!  I have to show you guys some things.  I'm so excited I'm about to pee on myself.  :)

So, Carrie has bought soap and goodies from me in the past, and we've gotten to know each other, and we message back and forth etc.  Because there's no shame in my game, I begged her to craft for soap.  I whored my soap out for goodies and I am unashamed.   She writes a crafting blog (link below) and one day she made these INCREDIBLY cute coasters out of glass tiles she found: 

Can you even stand it?!  How freakin' cute are those?!  So I slobbered and begged, and she agreed to my shifty deal.  LOVE her.

My box arrived today!!!  Squeeee!

Not only did she make these for me, but she even asked me if I wanted a certain color and design too!  Wow!  I adore the li'l bird, but since I live out in the country I told her some other ideas I would love too.  Now, she's even customizing for me.  Awesome :)

I should mention here too, that Carrie should quit her job immediately, and live out her dream to be a greeting card designer, because they are truly original and fun.  Who wouldn't love these?

She makes these herself.  Look how detailed they are!  Right down to the little "buttons" on the overalls straps.  So cute!

So, I opened my box and the first thing I see is an adorable mini magnet board.  Awww!  She sent me extra goodies!!!  How flippin' crafty & cute is this?!

It has these two cute, glass, bird magnets on it (which I'm sure she fashioned from the prosthetic eyeballs of some corpse or something - she's THAT good) and a coordinating metal board with a really sweet Ward Cleaver that.  I love it so much, in fact, I hung it in a place of honor, on one of my bulletin boards over my desk.  :)

She also sent me the cutest little upcycled note pads that she makes from paintchips, in really cute primary colors.  Now how many times have you tossed these away?!  What a great idea!

As if that weren't enough, as it is, she also sent me this adorable zipper pin and wine cork keychain!

Again - all made by her...

I must be special :)

So now, for the pièce de résistance, look at the beautiful coasters she made for me.  They are absolutely stunning and perfect.  She etched this awesome tree in the center of these gorgeous, watery green, glass tiles and added cork to the backs.  A set of four.  I am in love with them.

I wish you guys could see these in person.  It's about to storm here so the lighting is really bad and not doing them the justice they deserve.  I cannot tell you how great these are.

Thank you so much Carrie - I'm giddy.  :)  You guys really need to check out Carrie's blog.  She's got the cutest ideas.  I have so much respect for this, because if I was dangling from a 60 story building and my only chance for survival was to use a cricut machine and some hot glue, you'd all be scraping me off the sidewalk with a spatula.


  1. oh my gersh!'re making me blush!...this greenbean's turning red!....

    so glad you liked your goodies!....i really enjoyed whipping 'em up!... now you know how i feel whenever i get something from you!....

    like i said before....will gladly craft for soap!....

  2. "Making things from the prosthetic eyeballs of a corpse !" Funniest thing I have read in weeks!

    And that Carrie, you are right she is amazing. I am now a new stalker on her blog and YOU are totally responsible

  3. What a great post and what a hugely talented friend you have there! The time that goes into these things and the!

  4. Everything looks so awesome. Jealous!