Monday, August 29, 2011

Poison Pumpkin...

I have a very limited amount available of the popular "Pumpkin Spice" scented soap, I've been asked about.  I found some stash and was able to make a few bars.  This year, I'm calling it "Poison Pumpkin" for the Halloween season.  I will be getting more of this scent in, and will, most likely, be making more of a variation of this, because it sells out so fast.  These may be the only few of this design. 

Think pumpkin pie, warm white spices and maple syrup! 

If you'd like some of these, please send me a message and I'll create a custom listing for you, in advance.

Sure is spooky around here!  :P


  1. that soap if freaking spook-tacular! the colors!...and the spider...heck yeah!...good thing i already "reserved" one!....

  2. Love that look ... and the smell sounds divine! You are really creative!

  3. Ooo, my pumpkin spice fragrance discolors - yours must be just fabulous! Love the look!

  4. Mine does too, Amy....I used VS!