Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For Soapmakers and Appreciators!

I just wanted to blog about, and say thank you to a new Etsy shop called Miss Ravae's Creation Station, run by my friend Mia and her daughter.  Mia has been a customer of mine and she and her daughter, Alexis,  recently started selling really adorable mini soaps made from polymer clay.  You can get keychains, cell phone charms, necklaces and more.  You can imagine all the soapmakers went nuts over these.  They are based in North Carolina, and you really should check them out.

I just had to show off what Mia sent me today.  First of all, they came in the mail, lightning fast., and who doesn't love THAT?!  My items came in a cute amethyst organza bag with a pretty design on it, accompanied by a cute card in the shape of a coffee cup that reads: "Thanks a latte"  So cute...

The girls sent me the cutest keychain made with two soaps on it.  One is their "Fruit Punch" soap made with super cute layers and fluffy soapy top, and the other is their "Blueberry" soap which is a deep blue and white with a fluffy top.  Both have sparkly glitter too!  They also sent me an extra charm!  It's their "Raspberry Lemonade" soap, and all of them are just adorable.

I think their prices are $3.75 for one charm and $6.50 for 2, but you'll have to double check on their website.  So I just wanna give a big thank you to Mia & Alexis!  I just love these, you guys!  Thank you so much! 

Everybody, go check out their Etsy shop.  Alexis makes crocheted purses too!  You can find them at :
Miss Ravae's Creation Station

You guys rock!  Good luck with your shop, Mia & Alexis!


  1. I'm definitely getting one...or two!

  2. YAY!!! Thank you soooo much Lori :D We're sooo happy you like them :D

  3. Aren't these just the cutest?! Alexis made me a crochet purse that arrived in the mail today. It is absolutely purfect! I plan to do a haul video for her tomorrow. I adore Mia and her girls. They are just the sweetest! I love your little charms Lori, they are adorable :)

  4. yay! Thank you for the awesome review :D