Saturday, January 30, 2010


I haven't soaped in a while so instead of one batch, I made two....well almost two.  The first batch is a customer request of a dupe of Aquolina's popular Blue Sugar.  It's more of a men's scent, but not SO manly that women can't wear it as well.  It has vanilla (more on that in a minute), caramelized sugar, cedar, tonka bean, licorice,  patchouli, lavender, coriander, bergamot, mandarin and star anise.

I used coconut oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, rice bran oil, castor, and olive with 100% GM.

I went lighter on the color in this batch and wish I had goosed it a little more, but....ah whaddya gonna do?!  Creamy colored base and some light azure colored swirls.  Nothin' too fancy.  Here it is in the mold:

Trouble is, my son was home from college for the night, and he and his friends came in right when I was mixing things up and completely forgot about the vanilla content.  This sucker'll probably end up a nice yucky brown.  Oy. So much for my multitasking skills.

For my next trick, I wanted to do a layered soap with a dupe of LUSH's "Rockstar".  No vanilla stabilizer in this one either, because apparently my brain has left the building.  The supplier says that it only discolors to a "creamy peach"   (wha'?!) so hopefully the color will mask it enough.  I've only poured one layer so far.  LabColor's Royal  Purple.   The blue family is almost always a differen't color than the final result when it's poured, so think purple, people.  :)  Right now, it's more of a....ummm....NOT purple. ;o)

This will probably change a thousand times, but I'm thinking maybe a layer of a lime-y green and a layer of orange or hot pink or something.  We'll see how it goes.

So what's everyone else soaping?  Also, if anyone has soaped Daystar's Blue Kisses and have experience with the level of discoloration, please post in the comments below.  Stay warm everybody.  It's crazy cold here in Michigan!  Brrr!


It's gellin' like a felon now and looking slightly less blue so maybe I'll get purple after all.  Serious glare in the pic.  Sorry.  :)

Update #2...

Poured another layer. One of my soapbuddies (Thanks, Salty) assured me that he's soaped this scent before and it didn't discolor.  Whew.  I hope it stays this funky lime color.  :)


I decided to go with orange for the final layer.  I toyed with pouring a 4th, but they'd never fit in my soap 

Then I sprinkled some soap safe magic sparkle and put it to bed. :)

These will be ready to be sold in about 4 weeks.  I wasn't sure I was going to like this scent when I heard about so many people going bananas over it - because  you are so overpowered with scents when you walk into a LUSH store, it's all just too much - but this is really super yummy!

I'm tryingto kickstart a line of aromatherapy bath oils, and maybe I'll get to that today.  If I do, I'll post more later.  Have a great day, all. 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey! That is the color (i think) I used for my purple and got eh, grey for my purple/pink valentines! Good luck! Hope it works!

  2. Love the Blue Sugar in its mould. Fingers crossed on the vanilla thing. The end colour seems to have something to do with the base colour of your oils too - so wishing for purple for you! :)

  3. A-
    I think you used Blue Mix that time. Not positive. Think purple!! ;o)

    Thanks, Tanya... :)

  4. I'm sending non-discoloring and purple vibes your way! :) I love the lime color. Gorgeous! I can't wait for updates!

  5. I cannot wait to see how these look cut! Crazy Cool!

  6. That lime colour is just awesome! Can't wait to see cut pics :D