Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Soap & A Contest!

Geez....I just realized how boring the last couple of posts have been. Same videos, same boringness. LOL. I'll try to post something more entertaining than soap in a mold, next time - but no promises. :) Tonight, I'm making the next one in my Valentine's Day series of soaps, and this one smells delish. I'm looking for names for this one and if anyone has a good idea, please post it in the comments below. I'm looking for something love related, sexy, naughty even....you know...something to fit the holiday. I know all you pervs have ideas...lol. The best I came up with was "Scandalous", and suddenly I'm in a Britney Spears perfume commercial. .  :::Gag::: 

To make it fun, let's make it a contest! If you come up with a name I use, you get a free bar of the soap. How does that sound? :) Post your ideas in the comment section, and I'll choose the winner by...say...hmmm...let's say 8 pm, January 10th. Should be kinda fun. :)

So anyway - it wouldn't be a soap day without a picture and grainy video... Thanks for reading!

 Oh! And if you're reading this, and you're one of the people waiting on orders from me, thinking "Hey! Why's this heifer playing with soap when she needs to be making my body mousse, butter, scrubs etc. - don't worry. I made those tonight too, and will be getting them out to you tomorrow. :) Bye for now!


  1. I was thinking Saucy but then that doesn't sound very soap-like. :) What is the scent on this one? How about "lovesick" or "infatuation" or "provocative" or "enchanted"?

  2. Okay, I got a few....and actually some came from Rob, I'm sure you can guess which ones:

    Nice Pair (Pear)
    Bubbly Lust
    Champagne Wishes

  3. I think I have a good idea of what your needing in a name for your soap. "CORRUPT" or "IMMORAL" or "WICKED SHAME"


  4. OMG - nice pear!!! Perfect ;)

    Hmmm...how about Celebration, Sizzling Pear, Scandalicious, Valentine Grotto, Light of My Life.....

    Gorgeous soaps btw :)

  5. What is the scent? Or did I miss that somewhere???

  6. It's champagne pear. The scent was talked about in the video. :)

  7. Naming stuff is tough!!

    Forget me not
    bubbly temptation
    sparkling scentsation