Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dear, John (Part 2)

Well, yesterday (tuesday) was like trying to nail Jell-o to a wall, but today was a little bit better.  Hubs is dead tired from not having a day off in weeks, and I'm so over my house being a giant wreck from this project, that everything we tried to get done yesterday was a spectacular fail.  Hubs installed the faucet and drain on the new sink, which looks great except that in our excitement to throw out the old sink, we accidentally tossed the water supply lines with it.  Whoops.  So that project got cut short.

Then, when trying to install a new flush handle (as you do), he muscled the nut too hard and broke it.


I painted all the base and crown mouldings in the garage, and I was feelin' pretty good about it until I realized, hours later, I forgot about half of them.  It's days like these, I'm considering just peeing in the bushes.

So cut to today.  (Wednesday).  I woke up early, took care of some pending business stuff and then balled my freakshow hair up on top of my head and headed to the garage to finish painting.  Got 'em done, finally.  After hubs got home from work, we drove to Lowe's (our new summer home) and returned the broken flush handle and picked up a new one, plus some backsplash adhesive, some heavy duty hangers for the mirror, the supply lines and whatever other nonsense we needed.   Hubs disappeared inside the vanity like it was Narnia, and several colorful expletives later, he reemerged.  Something about a drain leak in there too.  Of course there was.   Now, though?  Perfect.


Isn't it funny how old things become new again?  A few years ago, cararra marble was the stuff people would tear out, but I love it again.  It has really pretty veining and once I adhered the backsplash, and swapped out the shiny chrome knobs on the vanity doors, I think it looks pretty good. You can really customize the look of things just by spending a couple bucks on new hardware.  It changes the whole mojo.

I hung the mirror...

Threw the replacement switchplate thingies on...

Vanity light is up, glamdelier is hung (more on that later), dimmer's installed on the glamdelier, and one of the wall cabinets is put together.  That's all for today.  All that's really left for the entire project is nailing up the crown and base mouldings, door & window casings, changing out the doorknob and hinges (Don't judge me), putting up the wall cabinets, and various little doodads and then accessories.  Lucky for me, I know a soapmaker and can access some great handmade soaps.  ;)   If this thing isn't finally done by the end of the weekend, we officially suck at life.   

When it's all done, I'll have pix.  Can you see me lighting a candle and soaking in the tub to the smooth stylings of Kenny G yet?  :p

More soon!


  1. So far it's simply gorgeous! I'm jealous. I live in a rental house with no desire to buy a house. I'll live vicariously through your home improvements.