Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh muh darlin'....

Ugh.  Blogger is on my one good nerve.  Too many hoops to jump through to comment on a blog, for me.  I need the quick version, Powers-That-Be!  I have crap to do...

Anyway -  I'm soaping again.  Wee.  I've been thinking of incorporating dried fruits into my creations for some time.  I'm not EATING them, mind you.  My seizing arteries still prefer chemical-laden junk food. 

This soap was supposed to be more orange-y in color, but we had a morph-situation's still in the ballpark.  The fragrance consists of orange sherbert, orange vanilla frosting, cake batter and orange smoothie.  That, I would totally eat.  I used sliced and dried clementines in the top and bedazzled the log within an inch of it's life.  I like how it came out, but I always forget that I'm not a fan of lemon pop mica.  Too muddy for me.  I'll forget again, the next time I need a yellow too.  I'm 43.  I forget pants, at times.


See ya next time!  Oh, and side note?  RIP, Amy Winehouse.  Within an industry of over-produced, homogenized, soulless music, you were a glimmer of light and depth.   Thanks for that.


  1. I still think the colors fit your FO, just beautiful!

  2. Looks amazing.. loving the bedazzling! FO blend sounds nom too. I'm 43 too.. am I supposed to forget my undies too? Hubs will be pleased LOL