Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Apple A Day....

'Afternoon.  :)  It's so nice outside today.  75 degrees.  Sunshiney....bird kinda makes a girl happy, ya know?  I've been all hummy and smiley for no good reason, other than that. :)  Maybe my underwear's riding up...

Are ya'll sick of my dessert-y soap frenzy yet?   I have been on a serious kick, huh?  Well, last night I started cracking into my fall scents.  It got down to 60-ish in the evening, the farmers are harvesting the wheat here, the night sky was lit up with stars and I just got into that mood.  Before ya know it, we'll be smelling the bite in the air and the leaves will be ready to fall.  My life  The summer is going by so. fast.  ...

This one is Macintosh Apple.  Hands down, my favorite.  On the rare occasion that I fork out money for Yankee Candles, I always get this scent.  It's pretty dead-on.  I've gotten fragrance oils in this scent, a coupla times, and once it smelled like chemicals, and the other time like a zippy combo of skittles and armpits.  Not cute.  This one, though, is awesome.

I'll be starting some Halloween stuff soon.  I have some ideas, but what would YOU like to see?  I'd love to hear. :)

Have an amazing day!


  1. LOL! That kind of weather would make me feel all giddy and joyful too. Wow! I love this soap. It's so, so pretty! Even though it's still hotter than heck here, day 13 of temps at 100 with no end in sight, I'm starting to feel in the mood for all things autumn-ish.

  2. Mmmm...I like a good apple scent, too. Your description of some not-so-great apple fragrances made me laugh...(and the soap is beautiful!)

  3. Love it L! I have an afternoon like that today ~ only it is still winter here ;)