Friday, June 24, 2011

When a swirl becomes a glop....

You'd think after a few years of doing this, I'd learn to resist the urge to do time consuming swirls with a new fragrance oil. 

You'd think.

I'm stubborn that way sometimes. 

Because so many of my customers looooove their LUSH dupes (at double the cost of other fragrance oils, which is fun) I thought I'd do a six color column swirl with a dupe of Creamy Candy.  This sucker moved lightning fast and I had near- soap-on-a-stick status in 3.2 seconds.   Ugh. Hate that.

So, I kindly removed my column and threw it across the room..... and began to chunk my mixture into the mold as little dollar signs, and small cartoon soapers, began to float above my head and giggle at me hysterically.  After dropping the mold on my countertop 700 times and beating it into submission, I got some semblence of a decent "swirl", but fo realz fragrance oil formulators - is this really necessary?  Can't we work this little kink out already?


  1. Well, for what it's worth, I think it looks really nice ...I guess in this case "Glop is Good!" I hate that soap-setting-too-soon rush of adrenaline, though. :)

  2. found creamy candy???? That is MY FAVORITE! Please save me a bar and I will buy one from you! I think the soap turned out great!

  3. It looks really cool! Great save!

  4. Fantastic Save L!!!

    Looks amazing, but I hear you on the 'kink' with some fragrance oils :P