Friday, December 18, 2009

Tap Tap this thing on?

So, I've been meaning to start this blog for awhile now. I haven't managed to rustle up the gumption until now so I'll begin by telling you a little about me. I'm Lori (courtesy wave), in my early 40's (ugh), I couldn't make a decent cup of coffee if I had a gun to my head, and I started a bath and body business this year. I'm creating this blog to share my fun with soap (and it's B&B friends) and all the misadventures and sometimes haphazard alchemy that comes with the deal. I'd really like all of you to join me in the fun, because otherwise I'm really just talking to myself here. :)  I plan to post pictures of the process, the successes and failures, maybe a secret recipe or two, and hopefully host giveaways to win free stuff!  Who doesn't like free stuff right?

So welcome to my blog...stay tuned.


  1. Hey Lori! Looking good so far :)

  2. Looking good Lori :) Thanks for following my blog. Now I'll be, I mean...following you in turn ;)

  3. Hi Lori :) looks great...Products even better :)