Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holiday Soaps - The Breakdown....

No not my breakdown, that was last week.  Ten A few drinks later and a good hour of Oprah teaching me all the answers again, and I was a brand new...

Man!  I thought she was annoying when she gave James Frey a fourteen billion dollar reaming on her show that day, (Remember that ego-fest? Heinous.)  but now "Oprah's Life Class"?   Really?!
Kill me.

Anyway - A few of you have asked me to concentrate my Holiday soap range in one area for easier reading, instead of all scattery-like on Facebook and You Tube.  Great idea.   So let's see what we have available....

This is Sugared Spruce.  A twist on the traditonal Christmas Tree pine scent.  It's mellowed out with some yummy citrus and a sugary note that smells really great.  Almost a "candied" scent.

Next we have "Christmas In Aspen".  Unisex and drool-worthy.  It has notes of aspens, citrus and a zesty middle note that just makes it so nice.  Just like a cabin near the slopes!

I also went on a Sugar Plum bender, and soaped two differen't kinds.  First up is "Frosted Sugar Plum Spice", which is a deeper plum with spice notes and sugary notes. 

The next one is sweeter....more docile, and kitten-like.  :P  It's called "The Land Of Sweets" because as you know, that is where the Sugar Plum Fairy lives, in The Nutcracker!  (Thanks for the awesome name, Carrie!)  It's a sweet, sugary plum with added notes of oranges and vanilla.

The next one is "Berry Christmas" (Clever, right?  :P ) It's a really tart/sweet/yummerific berry scent.  Blackberries, raspberries, mulberries, blueberries, dingleberries.....ew, no...wait....scratch that last one.  It also has notes of peaches, oranges, cherries, grapes and more. 

Next up?  This is "Christmas Candy".  We're talkin' straight up Candy Canes! 

The next one in line is called "Cookies For Santa".   Yes, don't mock me.  It's the infamous Nipple Soap from YouTube.  Lawd ha' mercy....

What else?  Let's see.....Oh!  What's Christmas without Gingerbread?! 

And last but not least....a li'l kooky, a little whackadoo, but fun.  I call this "Santa's Midnight Ride".  Really yummy smelling with notes of cherrywood, cherry pipe tobacco, vanilla, raspberries and cherries.  It's predominantly cherry so son't let the "tobacco" thing scare you.  That note is subtle but oh so goooooood. 

So there ya have it.  The entire holiday range of fun new soaps.  Great for gifts, and they'll all be going on sale on Halloween.  They're going fast in pre-orders!

Until my next post!


  1. *wiping drool from mouth* these are freaking amazing!....ok...first of all...thanks for the shout out!...glad you liked my name!...secondly...thank you for almost making me pee myself with the dingleberries!...i have people from the corporate office next to me...and will probably get fired for laughing like a freaking lunatic!...and lastly....i think the breast soap of all is the cookies for santa!...i should totally get a pair of 'em!...lol....

  2. They are all so fun and whimsical!! Love these! No doubt they will all be sold by Thanksgiving!

  3. What amazing soaps; I love both Sugar Plum soaps! Great inspiration for a newbie soap maker!

  4. Goodness, they are all so cute. I especially love the ones with the gingerbread men! ;0)