Friday, May 21, 2010

Who put dressing in my blackberries?

I'm on a mission to try more scents than I normally choose.  Yeah - I'm one of those.  I'm a citrus girl.  I admit it. I head straight for the kumquats and guavas and starfruits, with the occasional foodie scent thrown in when I'm hungry.  I gotta cut that out, and expand my soapmaking horizons.  So in an effort to make something differen't (and because a customer ordered it...heh...) I made a decent sized batch of blackberry & sage soap.  Yeah, I know....more fruit.  But hey!  There's sage in there too!

Baby steps....


  1. I gravitate toward citrus and fruits takes SO MUCH effort to get out of my box. Your batch looks so so good--love your swirls!

  2. Me too! My favourite scents are may change, lime, raspberry and apple :) So what do you think of the blackberry & sage? I have thought about trying that a few times. You may like to try and ozone or salty fragrance next....:)

  3. Great job! Way to get out of the box! LOL! :) Next time you might have to do a floral. I know. That's pretty risky.

  4. Hello! This soap looks gorgeous! I am curious, did you sell your place and move to the country? Sounded so wonderful... just wondered if you got there yet! For some reason, I am not able to "follow" your blog (or maybe I am still slightly blog-challenged and cannot find how?). Most sites I follow I just clicked on a follow button at the top. Do I have to "subscribe" to yours? xo Jen

  5. So many Okay Tanya first:

    T - I like the blackberry & sage! It smelled like feet OOB (hee!) but changes in the soap itself, thank My only concern is that people say it's a fader. I upped the amount slightly for that reason so I hope it stays.

    Amy W - Florals! Ewww! LOL! Because of the soap on a stick factor, I don't do many of those, but if I could find a true lilac, hyacinth or lily-of-the-valley I'd risk it ;o)

    Jennifer - Thanks for reading too! I have sold my place, yes ...but haven't yet found my new country home. I'm kicking around the idea of buying a fixer-upper but that scares me too. Do I REALLY wanna tear out kitchens and bathrooms again? Ugh. Still looking. I'm not sure why you can't follow me. I had that trouble with Kellie's blog. No button to follow her either. Anyone know why?

  6. This looks great and I love this scent.