Friday, March 5, 2010

Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance...

I know I've been a little MIA of late.  Sorry guys.  Lots of changes going on in my life.  Most of them for the better.  My son has gone off to college and my daughter is set to graduate from high school in a couple of months so the hubby and I have decided that it's time to stop living solely for our children and sell our house to move to the country...

:::cue Wide Open Spaces by The Dixie Chicks:::

It's always kinda been a dream of ours and now we feel like it's time.  The Economy didn't get the memo, however.  Right now I live in a very small, albeit doable, home on a patch of grass roughly the size of a chicklet.  It worked at the time we bought it, because it allowed my kids to stay in their schools and near their friends which was the most important thing to us.  Now my son is almost 21 and doing his own thing (thank you, Jesus) and my daughter hopes to attend college in the fall, as well - though she has no problem with moving anywhere we go.  She's easy like that.  That girl just sort of rolls with whatever comes.  She gets most of that from her dad.

So our house is for sale and we're hoping to find some acreage that I can breathe in, be closer to my elderly mother who lives alone in the middle of nowhere - or at least be able to afford to make more trips to check on her, and settle ourselves somewhere we'll be forever.  Someday maybe even add some goats and chickens to share my time with.  I love animals and I've taken interest in a simpler life and simpler things.  Just thinking of it makes me happy.

So, as you can tell by the cobwebs around here, I haven't had much time for creativity and making bath and body products.  I did get a special order tonight for some soap (pink grapefruit) so I'll be concocting that for her this evening and maybe I'll post pictures and share them with you. 

Hope all is well with everyone.  Stay tuned - I'll be around...


  1. Best wishes to you and your family! I'd love to see the grapefruit soap if you get a chance to put up pictures!

  2. Sounds wonderful .. As a 'grass roots' lifestyler myself, I can tell you it's something I won't ever regret .. Best of luck selling and on your new adventure .. Simple country living rocks! :)

  3. I really hope you sell your house. It's a tough market, but if people are selling people are buying! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  4. See ya in the country...we've been on our way there for a while!